We plan to open the site on 17th May 2021. Please read the current arrangments in place to make the site Covid Secure if you have a booking or would like to make one.

Early booking is advised!

Emergency Measures Order and Improved Deposit Arrangements

Our Terms and Conditions remain in place (see our website Bookings Page) but we have decided to make a change that should help everyone manage their booking and plan any new bookings.

With immediate effect it is now possible to move any booking to a new date (subject to availability). You can select any date right up to and including September 2022. Send an email confirming that you want to move your booking and we will confirm the new dates and confirm the transfer of any deposits already paid.

Do take into account that some peak season periods are more expensive and that some key dates might already be booked (use our online booking calender to check). In effect the cash value is being transferred to a new date and any price increases associated with the new date will be charged but not until you make your final deposit payment.

Whether you are already booked and decide to move the date, or wanting to make a new booking we recommend that you do not wait until we are open and everything is back to normal. With every cancelled weekend more and more of you are already transferring to new dates later in the year, so ironically, early booking is advised, and especially for August and September 2021 and next year.

In the hope that all will be back to normal soon, we have cancelled the annual Alien and the annual Halloween weekends to provide two additional weekends for you to book.

Stay Safe.


July/August/September – Without Electric – £28 July/August/September – With Electric – £32
All Other Months – Without Electric – £26
All Other Months – With Electric – £30

Inclusive of all people in your party up to a maximum of 2 adults per tent – if more than 2 adults we reserve the right to charge £4 per adult per night. Children camp free with no limit on numbers.

Check Availability on our online calendar here

Unless a date is shown in red, please e-mail your booking to us

To Book:

All bookings via email please

For info and booking advice call: 07748 140930

ALL PAYMENTS – Call Dawn: 07535 107005

Dogs camp free (on a lead please).

Electric hook up – domestic kettles and heaters are not supported.

Campfires – for safety reasons wood and kindling has to be purchased on site.

Campfire wood – £15 per sack and £4.50 box kindling – kiln dried.

All prices inclusive of VAT.

Young Adults

The Orchard Campsite will consider young adult bookings (under 18s) from groups consisting of 6 or fewer individuals. There are some special rules to agree to – please e-mail for details.

Deposits and Refunds

50% deposit on all bookings must be paid at the time of booking.

The balance is due one month before arrival.

Refunds will not be considered under any conditions.

Terms and Conditions

NOTE: These Terms and Conditions will be developed and extended as circumstances dictate.

1. We aim to provide a safe camping environment. However, you will appreciate that this is an open ground in the countryside open to the changing weather conditions that, by its very nature, will have trip hazards and other risks.

2. We want every visitor to enjoy their stay at The Orchard Campsite but it is a fundamental condition that each visitor to the site must behave in such a way so as not to unduly disturb or have a negative impact on the enjoyment of other visitors.

3. We are unfortunately unable to let bulk deliveries from supermarkets onto the site.

4. The Orchard Campsite cannot be held liable if, through Force Majeure, the implementation of the booking is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond the control of The Orchard Campsite, including the threat of war, blockades, fire, floods, staff strikes, diseases, pandemics, epidemics, health emergencies and other disruptions or events.