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River Safety at The Orchard Campsite

We are devastated to inform our guests that the river that runs along the bottom of the site is not currently safe to go into. Many of you will be aware of an ongoing national issue concerning water companies releasing dangerous untreated sewage into seas and rivers. 

We know many of our guests love to explore the river that runs along the bottom of the site, so we have been undertaking regular testing of the water ourselves.

Water companies must monitor bacteria levels in the sea and publish the results to keep people safe, but they are not required to do so in most rivers. 

Sadly the results from the last test showed dangerous levels of bacteria in the water. We will be putting up signs to ensure everyone stays out of the water for the time being and we ask that you respect these, and keep your family and dogs safe.

We will of course endeavour to keep you updated when this situation changes.

If you’d like to know more about the national issue regarding polluted rivers please go to Surfers Against Seweage’s informative website –

They also have a very useful app that you can download to check that the sea is safe before you enter –

Action we have taken:

The Environment Agency has been informed and a complaint logged at the local office.A critical incident report has been logged with Environment Agency headquarters.

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