Big on YouTube – take a look round the site…

OK, maybe not ‘big’ quite yet!

Cycling and camping enthusiast Luke aka Hippyswift came to stay with us recently and made this fantastic YouTube video, taking you on a little trip round the site.

Thank you for the video Luke, we hope to see you again soon – and for reference, they are called Safari Tents 😉


4 thoughts on “Big on YouTube – take a look round the site…

  1. Hi there. Can I please check if your fridge and freezer are for food storage for campers or just ice packs?

    Many thanks,

  2. I understand there are electric hook ups are there any of these available for tent users and if so in what area of the site are they placed?

    1. Hi Beverley, there are hook ups available for tents, on various locations on the site. It’s best to drop us an email with what you require and we can advise you – also we provide sockets in the shop and snug to recharge phones etc totally free 🙂

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