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Visiting Suffolk By Campervan

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When considering a campervan trip, some people immediately assume that you’ll go to Cornwall or the Lake District, which are traditionally known to be campervanning destinations. But Suffolk is actually an ideal place to explore by campervan, given its great road systems, gorgeous destinations and a never-ending list of things to do! Many come back to Suffolk year after year, so why not mix things up this year and hire a campervan for your trip? Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Suffolk by campervan. 

Choosing a campervan

Before you can hit the road, you need to decide what you’ll be travelling in! There are many things to consider when visiting Suffolk by campervan. How many sleeping places will you require? Will you need a pet-friendly campervan? Are there specific amenities you’d like in the van, such as a toilet or awning? If it’s your first time travelling by campervan, it’s always best to plan a short trip. This will allow you to test if you like travelling by campervan and help you see what type of campervan you’d prefer. You may notice that you didn’t use half of the amenities or realise that you need a way bigger van to travel with your kids peacefully! This can also highlight what you forgot to pack, so you don’t spend a three-week campervan trip without a corkscrew or decent pillow! Whatever van you require, you can find plenty of options for motorhome hire on Goboony.

When campervanning in Scotland, you have to be very mindful of the size of your vehicle, given the narrow roads and off-beaten tracks. This won’t be a worry in Suffolk, as the roads are known to be spacious and well maintained. But don’t think that you’ll be driving along flat roads, as many wrongly assume for Suffolk, as there are some steeper areas, such as the Fens. Keep this in mind if you’ll be driving an older campervan or if you’re less comfortable in manual. 

Planning your campervan pitch 

We’ve got this one covered! The Orchard Campsite has plenty of pitches designated for campervans, including twenty with electric hookups. You can park up on a greasy pitch and enjoy everything we have to offer. With a well-stocked shop, you’ll have plenty to eat and drink in the comfort of your campervans. And if you’ve gone for a smaller van without a toilet or shower, you can simply make use of our sanitary block. The same goes for our indoor and outdoor kitchen. We provide everything you may need for your campervan trip to Suffolk.

Where to go in Suffolk

1. Covehithe

Drive up to Covehithe one afternoon, where you can wander around the old church ruins and enjoy the peaceful area. Park your van and then head by foot to the beach and cliffs. This is the best spot for a beach barbeque, but just keep an eye on that rising tide. You can also embark in some fossil hunting, a great way to keep the kids entertained and active!

2. Orford Ness

Whether or not you’re particularly inclined towards supernatural events, you should take the time to visit Orford Ness. Park your motorhome and take a boat out to the Ness, which basically consists of a ten-mile spit of shingle. You’ll see buildings dating back to the Cold War, and just walking around will give an uneasy feeling. Rumour has it that the nearby Rendlesham Forest UFO incident in 1980 resulted from nuclear testing on Oxford Ness. Perhaps the truth will never come out, or perhaps you’ll uncover it during your time there.

3. Felixstowe

Park your campervan at Felixstowe and prepare for a long walk with a gorgeous view. From here, you can explore Landguard Point, Felixstowe Docks, Old Felixstowe and the river Deben. If you time it right, you can visit the town centre for a delicious lunch and stroll through the shops. 

4. Sudbury

The drive to Sudbury is not a long one, but it is certainly not to be missed! Located in the Stour Valley, an Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty, you’ll find plenty of peace and quiet in this gorgeous area. Stop at Belle Vue Park for a few hours and a delightful walk. You’ll also spot Gainsborough’s House there, the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough, a renowned English artist. It now functions as a museum and gallery and is the perfect escape from a rainy day.

5. Southwold

If you love Brighton, you’ll definitely wish to stop at Southwold for an afternoon! This traditional seaside town features a delightful pier, great restaurants and plenty of unique shops. Those above the drinking age will appreciate a stop at Adnams Brewery, which is considered the town’s focal point and is adjacent to the town’s lighthouse. But there’s also fun to be had for the younger ones, as they can visit the Under the Pier arcade for an ‘out of this world’ experience! It was created by British engineer and cartoonist Tim Hunkin and houses his rare and unusual inventions. 

A campervan can be your transportation to Suffolk, but it can also be so much more than that. It’s a chance to safely social distance and to be fully self-functional. It’s a way to make camping accessible to everyone and to explore places you know from a different perspective – behind the wheel of a vintage VW! Next time you visit The Orchard Campsite, consider hiring a campervan for your trip and seeing everything there is to offer.

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