Pre-Erected Tents

Arrive at the site with your tent pitched ready for your stay, and equipped with groundsheet, lighting and cooking pots and pans. These tents sleep up to 8 people,  and are manufactured in Norway by Helsport – a family owned business that has been designing manufacturing and supplying expedition tents and equipment since 1951.

At the The Orchard Campsite you have a choice of staying in the Helsport Lavvu Varanger Camp. Native Americans call it a tepee while the Scandinavian Sami call it Lavvu.

There is a reason why the Lavvu design has survived thousands of years and is still in use today in the daily lives of people who live outdoors. The Lavvu is the most versatile tent design, you have one large living space, that you can even stand up in. The tent also has capability to take a modern stainless steel enclosed wood burning stove with a chimney that exits through the tent top – but these stoves are not available on hire units.

Alternatively you can stay in the Helsport Valhall. Developed for extreme weather its design and build ensures it is warm and functional whatever time of year you stay. The Valhall features three distinct areas which are separated by inner tent walls. It too can take a wood burning stove inside (not available on hire units).

First night cost: £80, thereafter £60 per night. This includes rental of the tent, equipment and pitch – and up to 4 adults on the pitch (no limit on number of children)


  • Lavvu – Porch Entrance – 1 large living space in Lavvu
  • Valhall – 3 Separate Rooms

Both tents have:

  • Double Walled Construction
  • Controllable Ventilation
  • Electric Hook Up by arrangement
  • Ground Sheet
  • Sleeps up to 8
  • Sleeping Bags – £8 each
  • Hire of gas hob and gas – £8
  • Pitch Fee included
  • First 2 nights cost refundable if you buy a Helsport Tent from us

As appointed retailers of the Helsport range we can also supply any of the Helsport tent ranges or Helsport camping equipment to you. If you stay in our pre – erected Helsport tents here at The Orchard and then decide to buy any Helsport tent from us, we credit the cost of the first two nights rental back to you.